Canadian Institute of Forestry to hold UAS workshops in Ontario

By Ann Bailey | January 07, 2016

The Canadian Institute of Forestry will host UAS workshops in Ontario for forest operators this winter.

The forestry institute workshops, which will feature presentations by UAS experts in the public and private sectors, will be held in the Ontario cities of Hearst on March 8; Thunder Bay, March 22; and Kenora, March 24.

The workshops are open to the public and feature “101 sessions” with basic information about UAS operation, said Dana Collins, Canadian Institute of Forestry executive director.  The one-day workshops will include information about current practices from theory to operation and highlight real world case studies.

The workshops are designed to help participants recognize and understand the advantage of UAS relating to forestry and natural resources management policy, planning and practice, according to the Canadian Institute of Forestry. Participants and users of UAS will learn about the variety of UAS forestry applications, including block inspections, area-based ground surveys and fire hazard detection, the institute said.

Session topics include “Niches for high-end consumer drones in forest applications,” “Permanent forest inventory monitoring blocks (PSP) and block enumeration in northwestern Ontario” and “SkyForest and the potential for drones and satellites in forestry.”

About 95 percent of Canadian forests are publicly owned and cover millions of acres, so the institute of forestry believes there is a lot of potential for UAS use to plan forest operations and monitor compliance, Collins said.