Commercial drone maker adds ADS-B, 360 degree camera

By Luke Geiver | January 07, 2016

Trace Intelligent Solutions is bolstering its commercial and consumer unmanned aircraft vehicle offerings. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Draganfly Innovations Inc., recently announced it has added an ADS-B receiver to its multirotor UAS. UAvionix, an Omaha, Nebraska-based entity, supplied its Ping ADS-B to Trace for its auto-pilot and ground station. The Ping network uses live aircraft traffic without relying on a connection to the internet or cellular networks, according to uAvionix. 

“Draganfly has been looking for a solution to sense and avoid for some time,” said Zenon Dragan, president of the Draganflyer. “The integration of Ping went very smoothly and our surveyor ground station came alive with nearby traffic,” he added. 

The Ping ADS-B weighs only 6 grams. The technology can detect commercial aircraft on 1090MHz within a 100 mile radius in real-time. The system can also transmit its position, heading and altitude to other Ping enabled drones. 

For its consumer-based UAV—which can also be used for commercial applications—Trace has partnered with a 360-degree panoramic camera manufacturer. ImmerVision, the camera manufacturer, licenses its panoramic optical technology to lens producers, product manufacturers and software developers. 

Through the partnership, Trace will integrate the technology into its Draganflyer and Flyr drones. The panomorph lens developed and provided by ImmerVision creates an amplified, wide-angle sense of scope enabling increased data collection and fully immersive navigation within live or recorded 360 degree imagery capture during flight, according to Trace. 

The lens will reduce the time required for aerial scans because of its wide field of views. The 360 degree camera is currently used in several other image-dependent industries, including: defence, security, robotics, communications and automotive.