LeddarTech displays UAS sensor technology at Las Vegas show

By Patrick C. Miller | January 07, 2016

LeddarTech, a Canadian supplier of detection and ranging systems, is demonstrating its sensors for a variety of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) applications during the 2016 CES in Las Vegas this week.

Leddar said its patented optical sensing technology is being used in UAS applications to improve spatial awareness and navigation and collision avoidance capabilities. The company said its technology—previously employed for a variety of industrial and automotive uses—is now gaining acceptance in the UAS industry.

“Leddar technology is far superior to low-end sensors, such as ultrasound, which is used on some UAVs today,” said Michael Poulin, LeddarTech director of product management.

He said the company’s vertical distance measurement sensor enables drones to safely perform smooth take-offs and landings, as well as maintain a constant in-flight altitude from ground level.

“This enables drone operators to execute precise flight missions while protecting their equipment and making it safer for people on the ground,” Poulin explained.

According to Leddar, its optical detection and ranging technology works by converting returned light waveforms into a digital signal, which is then processed by patented algorithms to provide detection capabilities. The company said this enables a drone to see farther and better while reducing cost, size, weight and power consumption.

Leddar offers a single-channel module for integration in drone altimeter applications to provide distance above-ground-level measurements above 30 meters (98.4 feet).

Leddar’s multi-segment optical sensing technology provides narrow to wide fields of view with lateral discrimination, enabling multiple object detection and distance measurements of up to 30 meters. With no moving parts, the company said the sensor is well suited for such UAS applications as structural inspection, indoor navigation, advanced landing assistance or collision avoidance.

The LeddarCore LC-16il chipset provides detection and ranging of moving and static objects and surfaces.

“UAV vendors, from large-volume tier-one OEMs to specialized high-end integrators, are actively seeking to integrate on-board sensors that are capable of providing reliable spatial awareness,” said Charles Boulanger, company CEO. “Leddar allows them to do just that, being a mature, highly optimized technology that is ready for deployment today and has demonstrated its unique value in other markets.”


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