Sentera announces new developments with John Deere, agX

By Patrick C. Miller | February 12, 2016

Minneapolis-based Sentera—a global provider of precision agriculture software, sensors and drones—recently announced that is has completed its integration as a John Deere Operations Center Production Partner and that its software is now compatible with the agX Platform.

The affiliation with John Deere’s dealer and customer network provide access to a variety of Sentera’s agriculture solutions, including its AgVault Software, precision sensors and fixed-wing and quadcopter agriculture scouting drones.

According to Sentara, these solutions enable users to quickly capture precise multispectral imagery, analyze crop health data at the field’s edge and easily share critical data with teams and consultants to expand the circle of impact.

“To stay competitive, dealers and farmers continually look for forward-thinking solutions to help reduce inputs while increasing yields,” said Kris Poulson, Sentera’s vice president of agriculture. “Our software and products are designed precisely with that in mind.”

The collaboration with agX allows Sentera’s customers to gain access to the agX platform’s matrix of agriculture solutions, enabling growers to integrate precision agriculture technologies through AgVault the company’s data management software.

“Extending Sentera’s compatibility to seamlessly integrate into the agX Platform allows both organizations to support an even broader range of the farming community,” Poulson said. “It provides agX customers access to Sentera’s AgVault Software, precision sensors, and quadcopter and fixed-wing drone solutions.”

Tim Riley, agX business development director, said, “The offering will help our customers optimize operational efficiencies, giving growers, consultants, seed dealers, and agronomists analytical products they need, when they need it, to make informed input decisions.”

Sentera’s precision agriculture offerings include the following products:

-       The AgVault Software and mobile app which allows farmers to view crop health imagery and historical data in the field, then transfer prescriptive analytics into farm equipment.

-       Single and double sensors which provide small, light solutions for capturing high-resolution RGB, near-infrared and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data.  

-       Phantom 3 NDVI Upgrade that transforms new or existing Phantom 3 drones into precision scouting tools, retaining the Phantom 3 stock camera functionality while adding NDVI capability.

-       Drones which includes the DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter and the Sentera Phoenix 2 fixed-wing UAS.


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