Robotic Skies Forms To Repair And Maintain UAS

By UAS Magazine Staff | April 18, 2016

Brad Hayden, president and CEO of Nevada-based unmanned aircraft systems company Robotic Skies, wants to fix the UAS industry. After growing up and working in the avionics repair sector, Hayden has started a UAS service offering what he calls the “un-sexy” side of the business. The company’s current mission is to help service and maintain high-end UAVs for commercial service providers or end-users.

“When UAS businesses start coming online—which is starting to happen now—they’re realizing that they have a big need for warranty program management, field support and other services,” he said. “I determined that UAS were going to require very similar field support in a turn-key fashion to aircraft manufacturers.”

Hayden's King Avionic company is FAA certified to repair and maintain manned aircraft. Now he's working to establish a global UAS aviation repair and maintenance network—Robotic Skies—that currently numbers more than 100 independently owned repair stations. When the FAA eventually decides that commercially operated unmanned aircraft will also have to meet maintenance requirements, Hayden said Robotic Skies will be well positioned all over the world to serve them.

“We’re maintenance professionals. We have a tremendous competitive advantage with our network because we literally have decades of manned aviation best practices that we can draw on to services this new market,” he said.