Lockheed launches sUAV from unmanned underwater vechicle

By UAS Magazine Staff | October 24, 2016

Unmanned aircraft vehicles can now officially communicate and carry out missions with unmanned underwater vehicles. Lockheed Martin has successfully completed a demonstration including a sUAV Vector Hawk launched from the Marlin MK2 autonomous underwater vehicle.

During an exercise controlled by the U.S. Navy, an unmanned ground station relayed communications to the Marlin, which then launched the Vector Hawk. “Lockheed Martin has heard loud and clear the U.S. Navy’s call to get faster, be more agile and to be continually creative,” said Frank Drennan, director of mission and unmanned systems business development.

The 4-pound Vector Hawk can fly for 70-plus minutes in line of sight up to 15 kilometers. The system can be recovered and relaunched in a matter of minutes and its open architecture allows for quick change out times for batteries and payload options.