Nordex, Lufthansa form wind energy, drone partnership

By UAS Magazine Staff | October 24, 2016

A German-based wind energy producer and component manufacturer that generated $3.7 billion in revenue last year is now investing in drones. The Nordex Group has formed a partnership with German-based Lufthansa Aerial Services that will utilize small unmanned aircraft vehicles for wind turbine inspections.

LAS performed a pilot project with the wind blade manufacturer using a DJI drone to inspect rotor blades. The new partnership will eliminate the need for rope teams to inspect the blades. According to Nordex, the company will now be able to develop and implement timely and specific service and repair instructions based on the sUAV-captured data. The idea is to monitor the age progression of the turbines as well and find out which type needs certain maintenance interval work performed.

The new partnership should help to lower costs of energy production, said Bo Moerup, head of global service for the Nordex Group.