Montana brothers custom-build UAVs for ag producers

By Emily Aasand | August 20, 2014

Brothers Trevor and Taylor Miles of Billings, Mont., have designed and created their own UAV used by producers to manage crops. Their company, Landview Technologies Inc., uses precise electronics, such as infrared imagery to benefit customers, according to the company.

“We saw this UAV technology as a way to give back to the agricultural producers of America and help make their job easier,” said Taylor. “This is a useful tool that’s going to allow them to save an extraordinary amount of time and effort.”

Taylor, the younger of the two, will take the main role in Landview Technologies. His brother, Trevor, also owns Milestone Seed Inc., a seed business in Billings, Mont.

The Landview UAV is built out of aluminum and carbon fiber. The prototype was constructed by the brothers earlier this year, standing roughly 2.5 feet wide with six propellers. The UAV can be flown manually or the flight can be inputted into the UAV with GPS coordinates. Depending on battery life, wind, and terrain, the Landview UAV can fly up to a mile and has an average battery life of 15 to 20 minutes depending on payload and operation.

“The UAV was built out of durable materials so it can be dependable, and meet the needs of growers and producers,” said Taylor.

According to Taylor, producers using the UAV can get a high-definition aerial view of their crops which allows them to be able to scout their whole field in a matter of minutes.

“They can do that with a visual camera or they can use a multi-spectral which gives them the ability to detect issues in their crops before they can see them with the naked eye, so they can act on the problem before it’s too late,” said Taylor.

Landview Technologies supplies the purchaser with a training model so they can get familiarized with the product while their unit is being constructed.

“We give them a small training model and although it is a smaller version of the unit, the controls are similar to those they’ll actually be using,” said Taylor.