Drone Aviation completes delivery

By Emily Aasand | September 24, 2014

Drone Aviation Corp. delivered an advanced day and night video imaging package to the U.S. Department of Transportation to use on its Blimp in a Box-100 aerostat system.

“The delivery of the advanced optics system used with our BiB-100 is the first of its kind to a commercial department of transportation customer,” said Felicia Hess, CEO of Drone Aviation. “The BiB-100 is a flexible and cost-effective monitoring platform available for many varied commercial applications. Originally designed for our U.S. Army customers, the advanced optics package has significantly improved the operational capabilities of the Bib system for our commercial customer. We are pleased to have added this advanced 24-hour monitoring solution to our aerial and land based surveillance product portfolio and look forward to expanding our commercial sales channel.”

The company, formed in 2009, is a developer of specialized lighter-than-air aerostats and tethered drones. In the last two to three years, Drone Aviation has expanded its business from product development to actual sales and it’s looking to enter into the commercial market.

“We’re looking to expand the business into the commercial markets which is why this sale to the DOT is important to us to really focus on and to make sure the customer is happy and that the systems are working well,” said Dan Erdberg, COO of Drone Aviation.

According to Erdberg, the Drone Aviation aerostat systems are able to safely operate in the national airspace and are in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration under Federal Aviation Regulations 101 for moored balloons.


Drone Aviation Holding Corp. provides critical aerial and land based surveillance and communications solutions to government and commercial customers. Utilizing a unique tethering capability, Drone systems operate in the National Airspace within FAA guidelines for safe operations.