How Big Can UAS Industries Become?

By Luke Geiver | August 28, 2014

The story of Raj Singh and his team at Dronecast, a UAS-based advertising firm, helps to answer one of the most important questions linked to the UAS industry: How big can the industry become?

We spoke with Raj about the successful launch of his Philadelphia-based company to learn what it took to link a business vision with adequate UAS technology. In addition to perspective on the successful launch and early headway experienced by the team, Raj also offered some insight into that market size question.

The company first believed it could provide a rental service for UAVs equipped with client banners as a side-business, but after gaining feedback from its first client and learning the amount of financial commitment some clients might be willing to invest into the service, the team had to rethink its stance on the UAS industry. The current belief of the team is one that aspiring UAV-linked firms and proven entities should remember during this exciting, sometimes clouded, time in the industry.

After reassessing the company’s future growth using UAVs, Raj went out and gathered roughly $1 million in venture capital. The team has since developed new software and has yet-to-be-officially announced plans for more UAV related services. When we talked about the market size and importance of the UAS industry in the near term future, Raj had this say: “We are doing well. No one knows what can happen but it is looking good for everybody. Drones are going to be at a point in 10 years where the internet is now.”