Covering the World of UAS

By Luke Geiver | September 04, 2014

Our team at UAS Magazine calls Grand Forks, North Dakota home. To most people, our headquarter address may seem irrelevant to our abilities to cover or access the greater UAS industry. But, for the majority of the aerospace engineers, entrepreneurs and UAV operators focused on this industry, it is clear that our team is set-up in a prime spot. As one of the six U.S. Federal Aviation Administration-awarded states for testing UAVs and entire unmanned systems, we are a short drive away from a face-to-face with several prominent UAS leaders and decision makers.

Without giving away too much of the content in the works for our October issue, I will mention this: the magazine will highlight how we’ve utilized our headquarters’ location as an inroads to telling the crucial and exciting story of UAS development in the northern plains region.

Although we are excited for that particular story, we are working on several other pieces on a wide range of UAS topics. Just this morning we spoke with a company that is now distributing a UAS with real time kinematic GPS used for mapping purposes. The RTK positioning provides positioning with centimeter-level accuracy at baseline lengths of 40 km or more. The company has partnered with a German-based UAV designer for distribution of two different UAVs equipped with the RTK GPS.

We also talked to a law firm with a long history in the aviation industry. As you might imagine, they recently added a UAS division to their services. Tomorrow morning we have calls scheduled with a team of aviation and military veterans that among many things are providing commercial airline experience to the FAA’s NextGen initiative and helping UAS operators integrate into the National Airspace System.

Our overall list of stories is virtually endless and as we continue to cover the UAS industry, don’t be afraid to call or email our team with any story ideas.  From information on UAV manufacturers to policy changes to payload, we want to hear it and we want to write about it. We look forward to hearing from you.