UAS in the Heart of Ag Country

By Luke Geiver | September 11, 2014

Our team has spent the last three days in Fargo, North Dakota at one of the region’s largest farm and agriculture events of the year, the Big Iron Farm Show. Each day, the event has featured informational sessions on unmanned aerial systems. To give the thousands of attendees at the show a flavor of what our publication is all about, we created a mock cover for our upcoming October print issue.

The cover has drawn a great deal of interest and it is beyond obvious that the agricultural community is craving for more information and insight on the UAS industry, from the small-time farm employee to the precision ag service providers. Our team will certainly be headed to more agricultural-based events in the future, and one thing is certain, we’ll bring our magazine covers with us. It has been, and most certainly will be, a great way to speak with people in the industry for future stories.

Look for coverage from the event coming soon, including one-on-one interviews with some of the leading UAS voices working within the farm community surrounding Fargo and information on companies currently providing UAS services to some of the attendees at the show. As most in the UAS world already understand, precision agriculture represents a huge opportunity for both users and suppliers of UAVs and total systems.