Future Feature Stories

By Luke Geiver | October 23, 2014

Today, our team put on a webinar to break down what our magazine is all about. In the webinar, we discussed some of the current stories present in our print edition which I’ve mentioned previously. We also, however, provided a sneak peek at the stories currently in the works.

Emily Aasand is working on a piece that will highlight the difficulties and financial possibilities of a Detroit-based UAV manufacturing firm as it tries to grow its reach in the industry through the help of Lockheed Martin. Aasand came across the story a few weeks ago in her efforts to put together a web-based piece on the company. Following her first story, we were able to discuss the merits of a longer piece on the Detroit firm and we are excited for the outcome. When it comes, expects to learn about the manufacturing side of the UAS world. Thank Aasand for that.

Patrick Miller has already started a piece that will profile the photo and film companies that recently received a U.S. Federal Aviation Administration regulatory exemption for the use of UAVs in their day-to-day commercial operations. He has already spoken to nearly every company awarded the exemption. I’m not sure if we are more excited for the text of the story, or the photos taken via UAV that we will run with the piece. Thank Miller for the text.

If you have interest in our publication or questions on what we are all about, a recording of the webinar will be online in a few days. In the meantime, our team will be writing and working on infographics, talking to industry and if you call, hearing your story.