UAS Magazine Production Week

By Luke Geiver | October 09, 2014

It is hard to say which element of the magazine production process is most rewarding or difficult. Sometimes, as is the case with deciphering cover options, a single part of the magazine’s production can be both. This past week, our team has run the proofs of our various magazine sections through our proofing process with our copy editor. We’ve had long discussions on small items in the magazine (article spacing, acronym explanation, photo choice are a few examples).

Very soon we’ll sign off on the inaugural issue of the publication and to use the industry term, put it to bed. Of course, our entire team is biased regarding the quality of the issue, but the stories featured in the publication are undeniably relevant to the industry.

In a feature piece, Patrick Miller combined a unique story regarding UAV use for a missing person search with an examination of the certificate of authorization process. For the story, Miller spoke with the actual UAV operator who flew a UAV during the search, the company that received the COA and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

In our news and trends section, our team compiled several stories that clearly highlight trends, issues, accomplishments or major announcements that have happened within the past three months. Our test site update section highlights businesses that have worked with a few of the sites, and other work that will continue to matter to the industry.

And, as for the cover option, we had a difficult choice. During the production process, we create several options before choosing. When the issue comes out, you can be assured that a UAV will be on the cover. But, when the look of the UAVs operator on the cover is seen, it will be obvious why we choose the cover.

Later this month, our team will be hosting a unique webinar that will explain our publication in great detail, and, we’ll more than likely talk about the cover choice. Look for information on the webinar in your inbox. To be assured you will receive our magazine, sign-up at our website for free at any time.