Of UAS And Washing Machines

By Patrick C. Miller | November 06, 2014

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how things used to be.

I was reminded of this while chatting via Skype with Andrea Puiatti, Skysense Inc. CEO, about the UAS recharging technology his company developed. Untethered from conventional battery chargers, the Skysense Charging Pad will help unmanned aerial vehicles fly truly autonomous missions.

With Puiatti in Germany and me in Grand Forks, North Dakota, the fact that we could easily and clearly communicate by video across the Atlantic Ocean at no cost is commonplace today, but was unheard of less than two decades ago.

But that’s not what caused me to think about what is now and what will be in the future.

It was this casual comment offered by Puiatti: “In 10 years, it will be interesting to see what the sky looks like. Our children won’t look at the sky like we do today.”

What he meant was that as accustomed as we’ve become to seeing such sights as aircraft crisscrossing the skies, we will soon become accustomed to seeing UAVs buzzing around as they carry out a variety of tasks, some of which we probably haven’t envisioned.

“Think about the washing machine. Who cares about washing machines now days?” Puiatti asked. “Someday, it will be the same for drones.”

Given the number of technological changes I’ve seen in my lifetime that I take for granted every day, I’m sure he’s right.