UAS Insurance

By Luke Geiver | November 06, 2014

Vikki Stone is the senior vice president for a large insurance brokerage and consulting firm based out of California. Stone has spoken about or presented on the topic of insurance and unmanned aircraft systems many times. We are currently working with Stone for a story focused on the role insurance will or already does play in the industry. Until we finish the story, check out some key points regarding UAS and insurance that Stone will talk on for the piece. The talking points have been highlighted by Stone as some that are important to the topic of insurance and UAS.

-What underwriters want to know:

-How long has the model been operating?

-Who is the manufacturer?

-What are the details of the drone, including areas of operations and height flown?

-What is the claims record?

-How does it land?

-Will it be flown in populated areas?

-What is the intended use or application?


And, on unmanned aerial vehicle insurance coverage types:

-General liability

-Aircraft/products liability

-Property coverage

-Hull coverage

-Workers’ compensation

-Employment practices liability

-Director’s and officer’s liability