From The Field Of View

By Luke Geiver | December 04, 2014

Our team has been in the field this week meeting with UAS industry members for on- and off-the-record stories. One of the meetings was held at the Field of View home base. Field of View engineers and sells remote sensing solutions for the agricultural and mapping industries. The company was formed in 2010 with the mission of helping in unmanned and manned agricultural imaging sessions. (Other meetings included a couple separate sit-downs with major industry players looking to expand into the UAS marketplace). Expect to see some great perspective and imagery in a future story on Field of View and how they have worked to grow since forming in 2010.

We also had the chance to brainstorm future story ideas with Terry Sando, UAS sector senior manager for the Grand Forks, North Dakota Region Economic Development Corp. Sando has years of impressive experience in the aerospace industry within the military and civilian sectors. He easily falls into the category of folks those of us looking for incredible, relevant and important stories could listen to all day. We didn’t get all day, but we did get most of his morning.

And, although we haven’t gone into the UAV field of L.A. yet, we are scheduled for a visit next week. Our team will be presenting and present at an incredibly exciting and impressive event being put on by the Tesla Foundation and the UAV Systems Association (UAVSA) Saturday Dec. 13. The event will include an array of presenters, a fly zone for attendee viewing and testing and some of the biggest names in the UAV manufacturing world. Check out the show in advance here, and, if you make it to L.A. next week, come find someone from our team and give us your perspective on the industry.