The L.A. UAV Event

By Luke Geiver | December 11, 2014

L.A. is the place to be this weekend for those working in or interested in the commercial UAV industry. The Tesla Foundation Group, the founding organization of the Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles Systems Association (UAVSA,) has organized a single-day event that will bring some of the UAV world’s biggest names together. The Drone Expo will include product demonstrations, a fly zone, vendors and expert panelists talking about their respective UAV experience and work in the industry.

Our team will be there for the exciting event, presenting on the story of the UAV industry as we see it. If you are at the event, make sure to track us down, and if you aren’t planning on going, the mainstream media and industry-based coverage of the event post-show should be significant. As you might expect, our team will provide the story of the show. Because this event officially marks a new era in the commercial drone industry, expect a feature-length piece derived from the show.

We’ll also be talking with companies about major elements of the evolving UAV story, including: COA's, exemptions, the U.S. FAA and the recent U.S. House hearing on UAVs that Patrick Miller covered here