A Perfect UAV Example Story

By Luke Geiver | January 01, 2015

After reading through the grant application by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife department requesting funding to purchase a small unmanned aircraft vehicle for future use, I can’t help but think the application offers a great example to all parties interested in deploying sUAVs.

As the story shows, the OFWD applied for roughly $50,000 to purchase a platform, payload, training hours and mapping software that would help the team using it perform aerial surveys on elk populations, fish, and other wildlife settings.

The power of the story is not just that using the sUAV would help the OFWD team continue to perform aerial surveys that may otherwise stop due to a lack of funding. It is also not just that the sUAV equipped with Sony sensors and cameras will help the team to gain data and information never before capable.

The true significance of the story starts with the other major reason why the OFWD applied to purchase a UAV. In 2013, while performing an aerial survey via helicopter, three team members were involved in a crash that severely injured everyone on board, according to the application. Using the sUAV would greatly reduce the risk associated with aerial data capture that typically requires manned vehicles to travel over a stream or river or varied terrain area.

I will remember the application by the OFWD when someone asks me why we need UAVs and what the benefits might be. I hope you remember it too, and, I’ll certainly be checking in with the OFWD team to ensure the success of their application.