As If The FAA Exemption Was Coming

By Luke Geiver | January 08, 2015

The legion of real estate photographers and precision agriculture experts dreaming of adding unmanned aircraft vehicles into their respective operations need to continue their preparations for the days when the dream becomes a reality. This week, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration granted its first two exemptions of the year to a real estate photographer and a precision agriculture focused firm. The exemptions were a first for both industries and will help each industry.

Both firms are now in full-on race mode to establish their businesses, begin performing flights for compensation or business benefits and supplanting their foothold over competition that may be coming. It’s that facet of the current UAS industry that is unique to the industry.

Although many companies are telling us that they are simply in wait-and-see mode, others are taking steps now as if they were about to receive an exemption. Precision agriculture is a great example. Some firms in the space tell us that they are selling units now or training potential pilots because all involved in the use of UAVs want to be ahead of the curve—a.k.a. the competition—when the use of UAVs are legal.

I wonder how many UAV companies are operating as if they were about to receive the green-light to begin operating for profit? If you have any insight to the question, or know a company worth asking, let myself or anyone on our team know.