Motorola Solutions' Future UAS Plans

By Luke Geiver | March 19, 2015

Sometimes the best conversations our editorial team has are about stories that haven’t happened yet. That was the case this week for me when I had the opportunity to talk with Reese Schroeder, managing director for Motorola Solutions Venture Capital arm of Motorola Solutions. After working through the necessary questions and conversation about the story of Motorola’s recent investment in a tethered drone developer, we spoke about the past, present and future of the UAS industry as an aside to the story I was calling about.

Schroeder has been with Motorola Solutions for more than two decades and has experienced the investment process in more than 200 companies. According to Schroeder, Motorola typically forms a lasting business relationship with the companies it invests in at a rate of nearly 80 percent. (Keep that in mind for what I’m about to mention).

On the topic of the UAS industry, Schroeder was clear that his team has been, and will continue to be, excited for the technology and service offerings afforded by UAV maker CyPhy Works. His team on the phone even went as far as mentioning that our team should keep an eye on Motorola in the weeks and months ahead, as they are working on projects involving the drone maker. 

In its effort to better serve public agencies inundated with more information than ever before—ranging from social media to UAV-captured imagery—Motorola believes it needs to participate by forming this relationship with this particular drone manufacturer. 

I can’t say what the team has planned, but they did explain that they are certainly looking to make more UAV-related announcments regarding their recent investments and that I should be following their announcements this year for future UAS-related stories. I think it is safe to say we all will.