5 Highpoints From AUVSI UAS Event

Five of the best moments from the AUVSI event of the year.
By Luke Geiver | May 07, 2015

Disclaimer: the following list does not represent an exhaustive, all-inclusive list of major moments that happened during the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International. Our notebooks, recordings and photo galleries filled with exciting and important unmanned aircraft system related content are proof why. But, the following list does provide a glimpse into five of the most talked about moments of the show.


1.The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s announcement of a new pathfinder program that will enhance the FAA’s understanding of beyond visual line of sight operations in UAS created an incredible buzz. Before, during and after the press announcement, exhibitors, speakers and UAS experts we talked to couldn’t stop talking about the announcement. Patrick Miller has a great photo of the event that shows the  media attention at the press conference. Picture a small room, a standing room only crowd, impressive cameras and a crowd of people standing outside the entrance to the room peering over shoulders in an attempt to catch a glimpse of FAA Administrator Michael Huerta.

2.Xponential is the new brand. In an effort to rebrand its show and recharge an already impressive event, the AUVSI team unveiled what it will call next year’s largest Unmanned show in the world. To do so, the team used smoke and lasers (literally) on the main stage. Picture a rock concert’s grand finale.

3.Hugh Herr explaining the future of biorobotics as he walked back and forth on the main stage perched on exquisite prosthetic legs he needs following an accident that left his lower legs paralyzed. Herr may be leading a unique lab at MIT on bioroboitc work that could combine synthetic materials and new technology to help eliminate physical disability, but he is also a true inspirational speaker equipped with the ability to precisely communicate a complex topic in way that leaves you in total understanding. He is worth Googling if you haven’t seen him before.

4.Speaking of engaging speakers, Colin Guinn’s moderator/host role throughout the week was hard to forget by many. The CRO of 3DR brought an energy to the morning sessions of the show that will be hard to duplicate. Picture Guinn dancing on the stage (it really happened).

5.Realizing the inability to hear on an expo floor is a good thing. Throughout the entire event, our team sat in on informative sessions positioned amongst the many booths. We also held several interviews and talks for future stories. During nearly every talk we had, the line, “its really hard to hear in here,” was used by us or those we were talking too. Looking back, it is clear that it was a good thing. There was so much conversation, talk and traffic happening and reverberating throughout the show that in a great way, it was hard to hear.


Next week our team will be going through our notes, recordings and photos from the show. I’m guessing our list of 5 will grow Xponentially.