Expanding The UAS Toolkit

Nationally televised stories on unmanned aircraft vehicles can be a good thing. When they are, we need to add them to our toolkit.
By Luke Geiver | May 21, 2015

Waking up to national news coverage on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) can be both invigorating and frustrating. Earlier this week, I’m happy to say that many of us woke up to an invigorating piece on ABC’s Good Morning America program about the use of a multirotor for water emergencies. The program detailed a story we first covered nearly a month ago called Project Ryptide. The story involves a team that has created a mount for a multirotor that can hold a life preserver. When a beach goer, for instance, swims into a dangerous rip tide and cannot get out, a small unmanned aircraft vehicle equipped with the preserver mount can be flown to the swimmer-in-need. The preserver can then be dropped into the water while a beach lifeguard works their way to the swimmer. The project is a great story, and, the GMA version was also spun with positivity.

We all know that drone stories we wake up too aren’t always spun with a positive message, or, are simply negative due to the nature of the story. The GMA story was invigorating for many reasons. Such a story is a great reminder that the commercial breakout of UAS is fast approaching and that it is something that will save lives in many cases. It is also exciting because it gives us another tool in our storytelling toolkit. How many times have we been in a conversation about UAS, UAV’s or drones and had to explain the positives and share stories of the incredible applications here today and coming tomorrow. Being able to share a story that was run on a national broadcast is incredibly valuable.

As the pace of UAS commercialization continues to increase, our storytelling toolkit will certainly be overflowing, but until then it is important that we all work to update what we have at our disposal when it’s time to explain why all stories on UAS are truly invigorating. Because of our role producing content on the industry, we have an incredibly large toolkit that allows us to provide a true story of an application suitable for UAS on a truly impressive number of uses. But, we can never have too many tools available. If you are expanding your investment and time into the UAS industry, we hope you feel the same, and, have time to share some of your best stories.