How To Find Your Way To The UAS Summit

The current UAS industry is not just about small UAVs, large UAVs or any platform size in between. It is about many variables, all of which will be explained at the industry's most unique event, the UAS Summit.
By Luke Geiver | August 20, 2015

Our team has proof that the opportunities in the unmanned aircraft industry are real. For the past several months we’ve been helping to plan one of the most established, recognized UAS gatherings of the year. After searching through our archive of stories, sources, on and off-the-record contacts, and extensive notes on all things UAS, we’ve been able to see firsthand what the commercial UAS industry looks like after vetting out an incredible amount and type of UAS presentation topics and possibilities. To see what we’ve seen and come to understand the true reality of the UAS world, you’ll have to join us next month.

This year’s 9th annual UAS Summit will showcase the entire group of our agenda creators collective efforts, and after checking out the agenda, I think you’ll agree that there is a reason that show has been so well respected and will continue to be a must attend event in the future.

The current UAS industry is not just about small UAVs, large UAVs or any platform size in between. It’s not just about incredible aerial images, precision agriculture, understanding regulations, training certifications, flying beyond line of sight or any other popular and important term or idea that we’ve come to hear about so many times in the past year.

The UAS industry is a compilation of many variables, UAV platforms of all sizes, business models of many types and perspectives that vary from researchers to investors to pilots. While there are so many great UAV shows planned and announced this year—many of which we intend to attend—there are none outside of the AUVSI event that will offer as comprehensive and complete of a look at the current UAS industry as this Summit will. We can say that with confidence having worked firsthand on the agenda and seen just how many possible presentations could have been delivered or talked about.

While the event’s locale—Grand Forks, North Dakota—may seem peculiar or less appealing than that of Las Vegas or some other warm destination, it is hard to argue that a UAS event should not be held in a location now being considered the Silicon Valley of the UAS industry.

There is too much to explain about the event in September in one post, but for now, here are some of the main reasons to attend the UAS Summit:

-The Ford, Chevy, Dodge and other major manufacturers of the UAS world will all be there presenting on their latest and greatest plans. (Northrop Grumman, General Atomics, Textron and others). Think of the Summit like the Detroit Auto Show only in UAS terms.

-FAA is holding an official meeting. The FAA will take the stage at the end of the event to talk rules, regs and work being done at the Northern Plains UAS Test Site. It is exciting to think that there won’t just be FAA entities talking shop, but actually doing work right before our eyes and ears.

-The commercial reality of the UAS world will be explained. We put together a series of panels that will offer perspective from proven UAS entities, not just folks that have big ideas.

-Two Senators, one Congressman, and other major political figures have all cleared their schedules to talk UAS work being performed at the local and federal level.

-The cool factor will be on display. There is no other way to explain the new technology panel planned for the show. Some of the proven, latest and most interesting UAS technology offerings will be explained.

-Powerful UAS attorneys and legal counsel members in one place. In a single legal panel, we’ve arranged talks from some of the leading UAS legal experts to talk privacy, insurance, 333s.

-Major announcements planned. Our off-the-record talks have us excited for announcements planned at the event.

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For questions on presentations or planned talks, hold tight for now, we have plans to reveal even more soon.