An Impressive UAS Groundbreaking Event

The largest block of pavement I've ever stood on will someday be a taxiway or building site for many of the world's largest unmanned aircraft vehicles.
By Luke Geiver | September 10, 2015

The largest block of pavement I’ve ever stood on will someday be a taxiway or building site for many of the world’s largest unmanned aircraft vehicles. This morning the team that is developing the first of what will be many UAS business parks in the country, held a groundbreaking. Imagine sitting under a tent placed in the middle of a massive runway. Someday that tent will house the likes of Northrop Grumman and General Atomics. It will also house many entities that don’t quite have the brand recognition of the major manufacturers, but certainly have the tech and IT to someday be a staple in the UAS world.

The event was an in-person reminder that it is worth talking about. But, as crucial to the UAS industry as the Grand Sky park is, it isn’t the only event or development story worth knowing about. Nearly every state has made news this summer about its plans to develop some kind of UAS project. Many are related to academia. And, more importantly, many of those are designed to start on campus and end in the commercial world. It’s not just the U.S. either. Countries like Denmark have also invested heavily into brick and mortor UAS locations.

Recently, Sinclair College cut the ribbon on a National UAS Training and Certification Center. The impressive facility will do exactly what the name implies, train and certify future UAV operators.

It is clear that groundbreaking events will soon be even more standard in the UAS indstury. After standing on that pavement today and picturing how impressive the site will someday be, I want to officially say that our magazine team is looking for more groundbreaking events to attend and travel too no matter the location, to write about and capture images from. As you’ll see soon, they make for an incredible story.