UAS Cover Story: CNN’s Place In The Drone World

Why we chose CNN for the cover of a UAS-themed magazine.
By Luke Geiver | September 17, 2015

A print magazine’s cover image can be difficult to choose for many reasons, especially a UAS-themed mag. The cover image needs to capture the essence of the magazine’s content—the equivalent of summarizing well more than a 1,000 words with a single picture. A picture, at least a cover shot, is worth way more than a 1,000 words. Those UAV entities that have worked to gain approval to fly commercially and know the rigors of capturing even a single shot know that all too well.

The cover also needs to be a signpost directing a passerby or potential reader of the things to come, and good or bad, make the future seem worth reading about.

For our Q3 issue, our cover choice was easy. After speaking with several members of a team from CNN about their unprecedented efforts to implement unmanned aircraft vehicles into newsrooms everywhere (even CNN’s competitors), we knew a cover shoot set for the Atlanta newsroom was warranted. As you’ll see when you receive the Q3 issue, the CNN team is on the cover in the newsroom.

Besides the great fact that the team’s journey through the UAS world was a great story on its own, the team has been recognized as a pathfinder in helping the FAA determine the best practices/guidelines for flying UAVs above crowds. We’re excited to share the CNN story with you because it describes the current challenges present in the industry and how some very recognizable and well-funded entities are working to overcome those challenges.

The issue also includes unique commentary on one of the most pressing topics in the industry: beyond visual line of sight operations. After reading the feature story, you may be surprised at what you read.

For a lookback on the year of the FAA, we’ve also worked to outline the many efforts, projects and dealings of the entity all readers seem to want to know more about.

After reading the Q3 issue, give us a shout with any thoughts. Next week, we’ll be in North Dakota for the UAS Summit. In October, we’ll be in Las Vegas and the month after we’ll be in California.