6 Issues In UAS

Next year, the UAS industry will be in uncharted territory. So will our magazine. Here is 6 reasons why.
By Luke Geiver | November 12, 2015

Next year, the UAS industry will be in uncharted territory. Small UAS rules will most likely be issued, opening even more the commercial floodgates for UAV operations across the U.S. (minus the time and investment required for the current FAA 333 application process). The test sites will have undoubtedly worked with industry to advance beyond line of sight protocols along with sense and avoid technology. Better sensors, new cameras and increased endurance platforms will all have hit the market. Traffic management systems will have greatly progressed. In essence, the industry will have expanded.

In 2016, we are expanding as well, giving you more print issues and more online content. Next week, we’re hosting an online event to talk about our 2016 Editorial Calendar plans. The free event won’t take long (roughly 30 minutes because we have too much writing to do to talk any longer) but it will reveal the reasons why your 2016 stories will be created. Each issue will be guided by a set of themes, one focusing on systems or platform types; one will focus on end-use applications. There has never been a more unique and comprehensive effort to explain the state of the UAS industry as our team is embarking on in 2016. (We know, we read about UAS all the time!). We’ve also ramped up our efforts to include more expert commentary from industry insiders. The magazine will feature more expert columns and contributions than we previously had.

I hope you’ll join us next week to hear about the direction of UAS Magazine in 2016, how it may impact you or potentially, how you may have a role in the creation of the publication. We have 6 print issues planned for 2016. If you think you have a story as good as the one on CNN using UAS, perspective from the first 6 entities ever to receive a section 333 exemption or the one on NASA proving a sense-and-avoid process, then let us know next week. We’re already embarking on some very ambitious feature pieces for 2016, but we are always hoping to hear about a good UAS story idea worthy of making it into one of the 6 issues.