Texas Manufacturer Explains Entrance Into UAV Market

By Luke Geiver | February 18, 2016

In Mineral Wells, Texas, there is a small team excited about their entrance into the UAS industry. They don’t perform flight services and they don’t offer a specific payload or software. The team brings the R&D visions of platform or part engineers and designers into reality. The team, Newcastle Manufacturing, makes unmanned aircraft platforms and components. If you can dream it, they can build it. And, if you ask them, they can probably build it faster than you would have imagined.

We spoke with Travis Kunkel, founder of the company, this week after he sent us the news that his company had opened up a new division strictly for unmanned applications. We were lucky he found time away from his shop floor to talk with us. They are currently making a handful of various components for unmanned systems clients.

When we asked him about his sentiment regarding UAS he gave some stark comments and insightful commentary that is worth highlighting.

On the state of the UAS industry, Kunkel is happy the new budgets are out for 2016. He has received several quote requests. Companies are more active this year than last.

On the volume of his potential future business, Kunkel is also happy. Many of the clients he can serve have finally completed research and development work on new platform models, gimbals or components. They are now ready to build units to perform further testing, or, to take their ideas and physical offerings to the masses.

Check out the full story here.

And, for the chance of talking with Kunkel in person about his capabilities or what he sees happening in the UAS world, check out the Texas UAS Summit & Expo. He’ll be there on the expo floor talking to UAV entities and hundreds of other attendees there to learn about Texas and beyond. And, if you can’t make it to Texas, don’t worry. We are already working to put together a feature on Kunkel and other UAV manufacturers operating in 2016. We’ll lead the story with a photo of Kunkel, if we can get him off the shop floor long enough for the photoshoot.