An Easy UAS Statement To Make

By Luke Geiver | March 03, 2016

The UAS industry is clearly expanding its reach in and outside of the U.S. That’s a pretty easy statement for anyone to make. From our perspective, here are a few reasons why we’re making the statement this week.

Last week our team was in attendance at a state-sponsored UAS event in North Dakota. There were companies there from inside and outside the region pitching themselves to current UAS stakeholders as potential partners, collaborators or service providers. This week, we are in Austin, Texas, at a drone information event designed to enlighten end-users, start-ups and entrepreneurs about the ensuing future drones will have in the region.

Although different in scope and purpose, each event will bring together hundreds of people in the UAS space. Each event is also relatively new and only happening because of the continued expansion of the industry.

On the news side, AT&T offers a perfect example of how the industry is seriously expanding. Earlier this year, Verizon partnered with a group of UAS entities to test its LTE network as a communication and control possibility for sUAS flying at low altitude. This month, AT&T announced it intends to do something similar. Through a partnership with Intel, AT&T will test its own LTE network for C2 UAS efforts and high altitudes. The company announced it would test part of the system at a UAS event in Spain.

From Texas to North Dakota to Spain there is major UAS industry expansions happening. We are excited to be a part of it. For today, we’ll do our part and explain the state of the industry to a group of landowners, oil and gas infrastructure managers and Texas entrepreneurs from Austin.