What To Expect At the Biggest Unmanned Systems Event of the Year

By Luke Geiver | April 28, 2016

Like many of you, our team will be in New Orleans next week for the biggest unmanned systems event of the year. AUVSI’s annual event never disappoints and we are excited to learn, listen and write stories about all things UAS while we are there. Like last year, our schedules are already packed with company’s setting aside devoted time to tell us about their newest offerings or place in the always emerging UAS industry. Those conversations always make for great stories and I know from last year some will even make it to print (while many others were kept in the off-record story pool).

This year we are looking forward to talking with successful commercial UAS operators and new technology developers that have proven tech. We are also seeking commentary from the military and DOD side to grasp their perspective on the great ways they are incorporating UAS into day to day operations.

Of course, there will be FAA announcements and an array of other product or company announcements.

On Wednesday, our team is leading a very unique one-day session that will reveal how the energy world—oil and gas, solar, pipelines, wind, etc.—is intersecting with UAS and what both UAS operators and end-users are experiencing. You can register for that event here.

Although our schedules are full, please don’t think we wouldn’t appreciate hearing from you on a UAS related story. As the only UAS brand with the type of coverage, original content creation and reach that our team at UAS Magazine has carved out in the industry, it’s our job to make time for you and we certainly want to do our jobs well.