The Most Important UAS Topics Explained In Detail

By Luke Geiver | August 04, 2016

When you are working out a flight plan, replying to a potential client for another commercial job, researching a new payload option or talking with a decision maker about the effect and evolution of UAS on our everyday lives, what UAS topics do you think about most? What do you care about most in the UAS industry?

If you would say its large UAV deployments, sUAS operations, regulations such as Part 107, industry partnerships, technical breakthroughs, commercial end-user input or something not mentioned here, then our team would have to recommend coming to visit us in North Dakota this August.

As a co-organizer for the 10th annual UAS Summit, we’ve been privileged to many conversations, storylines and updates from many of the biggest names in the UAS industry. And, more importantly, those calls have resulted in a three-day package of content and flight demonstrations that we could write a feature story on for the rest of the year. I won’t waste your time and name all of the presenters or tout how important they are to the UAS industry and its potential progress. Once you look at the agenda and the event proceedings, you’ll see for yourself. Check it out here. There are certainly several UAS events you could go to this year. We’ll most likely be at many of them. But if you want more than a chance to just your drone peers, there is truly no better opportunity than this. (In one day, we talked to a sugar beet farmer, a researcher, a UAS platform developer, a legal expert, a Senator, an FAA official, a UAS pilot and some regional business developers on the event and why they want us to have them there presenting).

The process of helping with this event has been rewarding. Not only do we get to engage with so many high-level UAS thought and action leaders, we also get to see and understand firsthand what is happening where in the UAS world and what place each happening has in the greater story arc of UAS. For the past few years, there’s been a growing perspective that North Dakota is a leader in the UAS space. Although our team is based in the region, we aren’t contractually linked or obligated to say that we believe the same. In fact, we often go out of our way to engage with entities and groups from around the country. While those efforts are unlimited and always worthy, there is also an undeniable fact that there really is something to the idea that North Dakota is leading the UAS charge. We will let you decide if that is true or not after coming to this year’s event. We do know that no matter what topic in UAS you want to learn about or converse over, someone, probably an expert, will be here ready to talk or share ideas. And if you are after business, partnerships, collaboration opportunities or something of the like, well in case you haven’t heard, North Dakota has become an industry destination for research, testing and, commercial expansion. This isn’t a place where people just talk about what they could do with UAS or drones, this is a place where people talk about what they are doing.