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October 24, 2016

In Depth: UAS Numbers of the Future

BY Luke GeiverFrom private boardrooms to government-led public forums, the Teal Group has become the go-to reference for unmanned aircraft systems market projections. This is what UAS, by the numbers, looks like based on their current projections. READ MORE

October 13, 2016

World View Enterprises introduces a new kind of UAS

BY Patrick C. MillerWhile some might not consider a high-altitude balloon a UAS, World View Enterprises is using UAS technology to span the gap between satellites and unmanned aircraft with the Stratollite. The company is changing perceptions of what balloons can do. READ MORE

October 13, 2016

Insitu donates ScanEagle to National Air and Space Museum

BY Insitu The first UAS used for an FAA-approved commercial beyond-line-of-sight flight is being donated to a museum. Insitu is donating one of its ScanEagles to the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. READ MORE

September 29, 2016

Exclusive Insight: Teal Group’s new UAS market report

BY Luke GeiverThe growth rate of civil unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) will quadruple in the next decade, according to the Teal Group, a market analysis firm. UAS Magazine spoke with the lead author on the key points of the study and which trends are most clear. READ MORE

September 29, 2016

UPS tests drone delivery to island off the Atlantic coast

BY Patrick C. MillerA CyPhy Works drone last week was used to conduct a mock delivery of medicine to an island off the coast of Massachusetts, UPS used the event to announce its entry into the drone delivery market. READ MORE

September 29, 2016

Maptek, senseFly sign agreement to combine technologies

BY Patrick C. MillerSwiss UAS manufacturer senseFly and U.S. software company Maptek this week signed a agreement that enables Maptek's North American customers to use its 3D mapping software with three of senseFly's unmanned aerial vehicles. READ MORE

September 15, 2016

Raytheon to modernize Global Hawk ground control stations

BY Patrick C. MillerRaytheon's modernized ground control station for the Northrop Grumman Global Hawk will give the U.S. Air Force greater flexibility in adding missions and capabilities to the aircraft. It will also have the ability to control other types of UAS. READ MORE

September 01, 2016

Training academy graduates first General Atomics aircrews

BY Patrick C. MillerGeneral Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. last month graduated the first aircrews trained to fly the Predator at its UAS Flight Training Academy next to the Grand Forks (ND) Air Force Base. The facility cuts training time by as much as four months. READ MORE

August 31, 2016

Something Big Is Coming For UAS

BY Luke Geiver

August 23, 2016

UAS Summit & Expo opens with session for student entrepreneurs

BY Patrick C. MillerThe opening day of the 10th Annual UAS Summit & Expo featured advice from young CEOs about how students can pursue their own UAS startup companies using the opportunities and resources available in North Dakota and the surrounding region. READ MORE

August 04, 2016

DroneTracker can spot, identify and track problem drones

BY Patrick C. MillerDedrone's DroneTracker 2.0 offers a solution for those concerned about their privacy or public safety at large events. It can also help track down someone illegally operating UAS. READ MORE

August 04, 2016

White House workshop launches new UAS initiatives

BY Patrick C. MillerThe White House Office of Science and Technology Policy held a UAS workshop to launch several initiatives aimed at the safe integration of UAS into the national airspace. READ MORE

August 04, 2016

Senator working with NASA, FAA to advance UAS in North Dakota

BY Patrick C. MillerNorth Dakota Sen. John Hoeven is working with the FAA and NASA to secure new opportunities for the state through it's Northern Plains UAS Test Site. His comments came as General Atomics and the University of North Dakota opened new UAS facilities. READ MORE

August 04, 2016

A Tale Of Two UAS Stories

BY Patrick C. MillerHere's a behind-the-scenes look at what went into creating feature stories on Intel, Flying-Cam and SkySkopes for the upcoming third quarter issue of UAS Magazine. READ MORE

August 04, 2016

Silent Falcon UAS maker to distribute in India, Colombia

BY Luke GeiverNew Mexico-based UAS manufacturer Silent Falcon UAS Technologies is expanding to Columbia, Malaysia, India, Kansas and Colorado through distribution agreements with multiple aerospace firms. READ MORE

July 21, 2016

3DR Enterprise manager explains efforts for commercial markets

BY Luke Geiver3D Robotics Inc. became a staple brand in the drone industry through its work to serve the do-it-yourself and recreational user, but now the company believes it has created the complete drone hardware, software and support system for commercial users READ MORE

July 21, 2016

Drone experts, major firms headed to UAS epicenter

BY UAS Magazine Staff The event will unite commercial end-users with commercial manufacturers and operators, researchers, payload providers, platform designers and multiple leaders spearheading UAS expansion. READ MORE

July 07, 2016

Boeing opens new unmanned vehicle lab in Missouri

BY Patrick C. MillerBoeing opened a new research laboratory in St. Charles, Missouri, for collaborative autonomous technology development with academic institutions and research partners, including government agencies and other companies. READ MORE

July 07, 2016

Samsung's new memory card designed for high-res images, drones

BY Luke GeiverSamsung Electronics is now working to serve the drone market. The company has developed a removable memory card for use in high-resolution mobile shooting devices, specifically DSLRs and drones. The memory card has 256GB. READ MORE

June 23, 2016

Sentera captures 25 million acres of precision ag images

BY Patrick C. MillerMinneapolis-based Sentera LLC says it has captured more than 25 million acres of images from UAS since its start in 2014. The company also added new software and hardware to its product line. READ MORE

June 23, 2016

Commercial drone developer, service provider earns $16 million

BY Luke GeiverCalifornia-based unmanned aircraft system (UAS) developer and service provider Kespry is in full ramp-up mode. The commercial drone system company is expanding after receiving $16 million through a Series B financing round. READ MORE

June 23, 2016

Speaking Of UAS Milestones...

BY Patrick C. MillerThe UAS industry received a major boost this week when the FAA released its small UAS rule. Another milestone will occur next week when NASA wraps up flight testing of a detect-and-avoid system for large UAS operating above 500 feet. READ MORE

June 09, 2016

What to expect if the FAA releases a small UAS rule

BY Patrick C. MillerThe FAA says Part 107, the small UAS rule, should be out later this month. What will it mean for those in the UAS business or who are planning to get into the business? UAS Magazine asked two UAS attorneys and an operator. READ MORE

June 09, 2016

Near Earth, NASA making first, last 50 ft of UAS flight safer

BY Luke GeiverNear Earth Autonomy has been awarded $754,000 from NASA to help develop a system to safely navigate an unmanned aircraft system during the first and last 50 feet of the take-off or landing phase. READ MORE

June 09, 2016

NASA flight tests help finalize detect-and-avoid standards

BY Patrick C. MillerNASA flight tests in California that conclude this month will put government customers flying the General Atomics Predator B a step closer to operating in U.S. and international airspace. READ MORE

May 26, 2016

Insitu Flexes Its Muscles In The UAS Commercial World

BY Patrick C. MillerInsitu roared into the month of May with announcements of new software, hardware and facilities, making it clear that the company intends to be a major player in the commercial UAS world. READ MORE

May 25, 2016

SLANTRANGE makes precision agriculture even more precise

BY Patrick C. MillerFarmers in Nebraska liked what SLANTRANGE's sensors and data analytics did for agriculture so much that they decided to fund the company. Now its second generation sensors and software are even better. READ MORE

May 25, 2016

Global ag plane manufacturer acquires UAS firm

BY Luke GeiverAir Tractor Inc. is going unmanned. The Texas-based manned aircraft manufacturer that builds a wide array of aircraft suitable for agriculture applications has purchased unmanned aircraft vehicle developer. READ MORE

May 12, 2016

New facilities, new UAS capabilities unveiled by Textron Systems

BY Patrick C. MillerTextron System Unmanned Systems has opened a new Unmanned Systems Service and Support Center at Blackstone, Virginia, and given its Aerosonde small fixed-wing UAS the ability to take off and land vertically. READ MORE