February 11, 2016

Workhorse continues R&D on Horsefly package delivery system

BY Patrick C. MillerWorkhorse Group Inc. is pushing ahead with research and development on a package delivery system that combines an electric delivery truck with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) called the Horsefly. READ MORE

January 28, 2016

Woolpert adds Kespry Drone System for commercial mapping

BY Ann BaileyWoolpert has selected Kespry Inc. to supply commercial UAS systems to support its site surveying and mapping needs. Based in California, Kespry has developed a out-the-box system for commercial engineers and surveyors. READ MORE

January 28, 2016

UAS startup Apellix focusing on dangerous painting jobs

BY Ann BaileyApellix founder Robert Dahlstrom believes he has developed a UAS system that can save lives, especially those related to the painting of transmission towers or in the holds of ships. READ MORE

January 21, 2016

In Depth: The UAS Classroom

BY Ann BaileyFrom technology breakthroughs to new company launches, university UAV work is vast, varied and more valuable than ever before. These schools have proven why UAS industry breakthroughs could happen in the classroom. READ MORE

January 21, 2016

In Depth: UAS Life After the 333

BY UAS Magazine Staff Two UAS companies with different offerings explain the impact of receiving a 333 exemption and how business life has changed. READ MORE

January 21, 2016

Farmers at Precision Agriculture summit learn about UAS

BY Ann BaileyThough regulatory work and improvements remain before farmers can incorporate UAS into their operations, they're eager to learn about them, judging by attendance at UAS sessions at Jamestown, N.D. precision agriculture summit. READ MORE

January 14, 2016

Unmanned Aerial Systems Research Center launched in Tennessee

BY Ann BaileyOak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee has established an Unmanned Aerial Systems Research Center that intends to explore UAS uses that have not been conceived of or made possible to date. READ MORE

January 07, 2016

NRL UAS projects mimic soaring birds, make sUAVs undetectable

BY Ann BaileyThe U.S. Naval Research Laboratory is making large UAVs soar like birds and micro UAVs nearly undetectable. NRL has created algorithms and a platform design for each option. READ MORE

January 07, 2016

LeddarTech displays UAS sensor technology at Las Vegas show

BY Patrick C. MillerLeddarTech, a Canadian supplier of UAS senors, is making inroads with its optical sensing technology for such applications as collision avoidance, navigation and inspections. READ MORE

January 07, 2016

Canadian Institute of Forestry to hold UAS workshops in Ontario

BY Ann BaileyAbout 95 percent of Canadian forests are publicly owned and cover millions of acres, so the institute of forestry believes there is a lot of potential for UAS to plan forest operations and monitor compliance. READ MORE

December 23, 2015

Embry-Riddle to offer online professional UAS program

BY Ann BaileyEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University is offering an online professional program for people with an interest in learning more about small UAS. Courses will include UAS history, platform design basics and flight tactics. READ MORE

December 17, 2015

UAS used to study climate change impacts on Andes glaciers

BY Patrick C. MillerResearchers at Ohio State University are using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in the Andes Mountains of Peru to learn how those who depend on glaciers for water might be impacted by climate change. READ MORE

December 17, 2015

Kentucky university to begin offering UAS classes in March 2016

BY Ann BaileyMorehead State University Kentucky Innovation Network and Unmanned Services Inc. have partnered to create a drone flight training school. In the next 18 months, the school will invest roughly $700k. READ MORE

December 10, 2015

Oklahoma State University launches UAS research organization

BY Ann BaileyOklahoma State University has formed a research organization aimed at developing UAS technology. READ MORE

December 10, 2015

Aerialtronics develops smart camera

BY Ann BaileyAerialtronics has developed a smart dual camera which has both digital and thermal sensors. The Netherlands-based company is using a NVIDIA embedded platform in the project. READ MORE

December 03, 2015

Supply chain drone earns FAA 333 exemption

BY Luke GeiverCalifornia-based warehouse and logistics solutions provider PINC now has the opportunity to put its supply chain drone to commercial use. The company was recently awarded a U.S. FAA 333. READ MORE

November 12, 2015

Colorado groups get FAA approval to fly UAS at 15,000 feet

BY Ann BaileyThe University of Colorado-Boulder, UAS Colorado and six Colorado counties joined forces to win approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to test two unmanned aircraft systems in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. READ MORE

November 12, 2015

General Atomics breaks ground at Grand Sky technology park

BY Ann BaileyGeneral Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. broke ground Nov. 9 on a 5.5-acre remotely piloted aircraft training facility at Grand Sky UAS park, Grand Forks Air Force Base, N.D. READ MORE

November 05, 2015

Evidence That UAS And Airliners Don’t Mix

BY Patrick C. MillerThe idea that small UAS are too light and frail to damage a jet engine is being challenged by research conducted at Virginia Tech. READ MORE

November 05, 2015

High-end camera maker, DJI form strategic UAS partnership

BY Luke GeiverThe camera manufacturer responsible for capturing the first landing on the moon could soon be behind the next great aerial image captured via drone. Hasselblad, the Swedish-based camera firm, has partnered with DJI. READ MORE

November 05, 2015

UND biologists part of team using UAS for Manitoba research

BY Ann BaileyUniversity of North Dakota researchers are finding that using unmanned aerial systems to gather research information on nesting bird populations and wildlife benefits humans and the feathered and furred creatures, alike. READ MORE

November 05, 2015

UNL researchers dropping fireballs from UAS for fire mangement

BY Ann BaileyUnmanned aerial systems research under way at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has ignited the interest of fire managers across the Great Plains. READ MORE

October 29, 2015

Two Martin UAV systems tested for African anti-poaching project

BY Patrick C. MillerMartin UAV LLC and Aviation Unmanned LLC of Addison, Texas, deployed two fixed-wing DA-50 Super Bat UAS in support of an anti-poaching effort in Tanzania along the east coast of Africa. READ MORE

October 22, 2015

Sentera offers precision ag upgrade for Phantom 3 drones

BY Patrick C. MillerSentera LLC is offering growers flying the DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone an upgrade that provides real-time visibility of crop health data to create a precision agriculture scouting tool. READ MORE

October 15, 2015

sUAS Detect-and-Avoid Tech On The Way

BY Luke GeiverDetect-and-avoid technology for small unmanned aircraft systems is advancing quickly. Here are two examples. READ MORE

October 15, 2015

Nanoradar system for UAS collision avoidance set for 2016

BY Luke GeiverUtah-based IMSAR LLC, a research and development firm that specializes in radar devices and rapid image processing, believes it will have a suite of small collision-avoidance radar systems for sUAS available by 2016. READ MORE

October 08, 2015

Sentera’s software simplifies UAS data handling for end users

BY Patrick C. MillerThe ability of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to gather huge quantities of data is well known, but getting data into the hands of end-users who can use it to make decisions is the difficult part. Minnesota-based Sentera believes it has the answer. READ MORE

October 01, 2015

Textron Systems uses UAS for high-tech firefighting

BY Patrick C. MillerTechnology used to fight the wildfires that have plagued western states this past summer could improve dramatically after Textron Systems Unmanned Systems demonstrated the capabilities of its Aerosonde UAV in Idaho. READ MORE

September 22, 2015

Major UAS manufacturers share plans, visions

BY Patrick C. MillerThree of the big hitters among UAS manufacturers and operators—Northrop Grumman, General Atomics and Textron Systems—shared some of their plans, insights and visions with attendees of the 9th Annual UAS Summit and Expo in Grand Forks, North Dakota. READ MORE

September 17, 2015

Nine years later, UAS Summit still representing state of industry

BY John Nelson UAS Summit will showcase new product launches, Congressional perspective and in-person fly zone demonstrations along with the presence of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. READ MORE